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    6 months agoIdea0
    This would help create brick and stone arches, which is always a pain to model. You drag the width and the height, choose the size of the brick and orientation, choose where there is a keystone or not... Read more...
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    Flex Casing
    7 months agoIdea0
    A flex casing that can be used with Flex windows, slat or doors. It would have parameters for the head, sill, apron, stool, cap, etc. Would work on exterior and interiors.
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    8 months agoIdea1
    This would be a modification of Flex slat but would have the ability to have brackets, hardware, and various styles of shutter (plantation, shaker, etc.). Ideally, you can attach it to one of the Fle... Read more...
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    Flex Slope - by percent, angle or pitch
    10 months agocompleted2
    One thing that would be great is the ability to plug in your percentage slope or desired pitch and then lock in one of the other values. Example. I know I need 25' of length for a ramp and I cannot e... Read more...
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    Flex Curtain Wall
    11 months agoIdea0
    Similar to Flex Window, but will allow you to place a door into it, can wrap glass around a corner, have options for cornerpost details, sills, transom above door, etc. Maybe even an option to place l... Read more...