Quickly filter through your local Sketchup components library, and find the components you need.
Just a click away, all within Sketchup!

Special thanks to Minh Tran from Architecture Inspirations for the video above.

Finding a component with ComponentFinder is like finding a needle in a haystack... but without the hay!

Enhanced Browsing

What if you could view all the components in a folder, and in it's sub-folders, and in their sub-folders... all in one view?  Well now you can!

Choose the best way to view your components in each tab

Flat File View Icon

Flat View

Have access to the components in the current folder and in all of it's sub-folders, and their sub-folders... (5 levels deep).

Folder Tree View Icon

Nav View

The familiar browsing view of folders and components.  Great for navigating and focusing on a specific folder.

Component Finder Toolbar Icon

Powerful Search

Type in what you're looking for, and ComponentFinder will filter through all of your tabs and the components in them until you find what you need.

Zoom In and Out

Zoom In / Out

See larger or smaller component thumbnails.

Save to tab

Save Components

You've just placed some components into a model...  Made changes you want to keep?  No problem.  Save them right back into any open tab.

Open folders

Open multiple tabs at once

Select multiple folders from your local library and add them all at once, as separate tabs in ComponentFinder.

In Model Pane Button

In-Model Browsing  New!

Browse and search through In-Model components & groups(!) with a choice between viewing Top-Level components and viewing ALL.

FlexPack Icon

FlexTools Integration

ComponentFinder works on top of the FlexTools platform.  If you've used FlexTools before, you'll feel right at home.  Same toolbar.  Same settings location.  Automatic updates when available.

ComponentFinder (FREE)

  • ComponentFinder
  • FlexTools platform
  • Works with Sketchup 2017, 2018, 2019

    Windows and MacOS

*If you have FlexPack you already have ComponentFinder installed!

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