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Architects and 3D artists save hours of modeling time every day, using the FlexTools platform.

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Generate SketchUp doors, windows and other architectural elements, with exceptional levels of speed and control.


Coming Soon...

(Will be included in FlexPack Pro)

Cut through multiple layered walls with dynamic openings that adjust to the source component automatically.

(Included in FlexPack Pro - Also available for Free)

Quickly filter through your local Sketchup components library, and find the components you need.

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What Our Customers Say

"This  one  got  me  feeling  all  warm  inside  like  Skatter  did  more  than  two  years  ago...   And  it  is  an  Israeli  creation!"

Ronen Bekerman,  architectural visualization artist and blogger

"FlexDoor  offers  a  truly  parametric  door  for  SketchUp  that  can  be  configured  to  the  Nth  degree!"


"I  spent  only  6  hours  to  build  it,  where  I  used  FlexWindow  and  FlexSlat  very  often!   For  comparison,  I  usually  spend  more  than  two  days  to  create  such  large  models  in  SketchUp"

Lican Wan,  architect

"Both  FlexWindow  and  FlexSlat  saved  my  butt  today.  Thanks!"

Matthew Valero,  Valero Studio

"I  was  searching  for  a  decent  SketchUp  plugin  for  doors  and  windows  for  a  while,  and  yours  gave  me  what  I  need  exactly.  Simple  and  flexible!"

Erkut Taner,  architect

I¬† want¬† it¬† Yoni ūüôā¬† pls¬† hurry....¬† after¬† been¬† spoiled¬† with¬† your¬† flex-windows,¬† -doors¬† and¬† -slats¬† this¬† must¬† be¬† the¬† ultimate¬† tool¬† as¬† a¬† follow¬† up...¬† make¬† us¬† happy ūüôā

Frank Ulijn,  DrieDeeDesign

"FlexTools  really  are  a  beautiful  suite  of  tools  and  soooo  FLEXIBLE!!!!"

Andrew Carter,  Utile Design