• New FlexWindow Arch component.


Sash components

(not including FlexWindow, FlexTrapezoidal and the new FlexWindow Arch).

  • Added single/double/triple/quadruple glazing to all sash components.

  • Added the ability to extend the glazing into the sash's frame for the option of creating more realistic double-glazed windows through manual editing.

  • Moved all glass settings from the top level component into the sash sub-component.

  • Added a setting for shifting the sash component (glass and muntins) in and out.

  • Moved the Inset setting to appear above wall settings.

Casement Double

  • Changed it so it opens inwards by default.


  • Improved settings for changing the width of the meeting rails vs changing the width of the left and right rails.


  • Changed FlexPanel to be a regular non-wallcutter component by default.
  • Changed the default Inset setting from sunken panels (-4) to 0.


  • Added material attributes to all flex components - default material names: FlexMat_Main, FlexMat_Glass, Flex_Mat_Hardware, FlexMat_Sill, FlexMat_Spacer

  • Removed all layers/tags from all components (excluding FlexStairs, FlexSlope and FlexRamp for now).

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an attribute in FlexDoor that would cause handles to misbehave when swapping panels between FlexDoor and FlexDoor Glass - Yes! You can now swap between solid and glass panels between the two doors!

  • Fixed missing faces in the default FlexDoor handle. (Rune Lyngby).

  • Fixed a bug in FlexDoor so wall cutter works properly when the frame is set to 0.

  • Fixed a bug in FlexDoors and FlexDoor Glass where the arc's Always ON setting wasn't always working properly.


  • Fixed the FlexStairs component so all steps are copies by default (Before some of the steps were accidentally made unique).

Sash Components

  • Fixed a bug in all 'sash' components where muntins wouldn't be centered anymore after changing their Depth setting.

  • Fixed a typo in all sash components under the Style drop down (Borrom > Bottom).