Error Message: Permission Denied @rb_sysopen

You may get either of the following errors when running ComponentFinder or when trying to install FlexTools' auto updates:

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Error Message 1:

Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - C:/ProgramData/F3d_FlexTools/component_finder.json ...

Error Message 2:

Error: #<Errno::EACCES: Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - C:/ProgramData/F3d_FlexTools/pkg_serial.json> ...
permission denied @ rb_sysopen error message

Possible Causes

This happens when your Windows User doesn't have access rights to read or write files in the FlexTools data folder C:\ProgramData\F3d_FlexTools.  This may happen when there are multiple users on the system or a new user was created, or possibly after a windows update which may have changed user permissions.



Follow the steps and the image below to grant editing permission for the C:\ProgramData\F3d_FlexTools folder for all users:


1. Go to C:\ProgramData\

2. Right-click on the F3d_FlexTools directory and click on Properties.

3. Select the Security tab and click Edit.

4. You'll be asked to enter your user's password.

5. Then 'Permissions for F3d_FlexTools' window will pop-up.  Select Users in the 'Group or user names' list.

6. Check Allow checkbox in front of the 'Full control' attribute in the 'Permissions for Users' list.

7. Click on Ok.

8. Open Sketchup. The error should go away and FlexTools will install updates normally and ComponentFinder will work fine too.



How to give access rights