Wall Cutter - Dynamic Openings for SketchUp


Not recommended for production use - some bugs have yet to be squashed (With your help 😎)

Seamless dynamic openings in walls.  Works with Flex components and with regular components alike.

  • Compatible with Sketchup Sections
  • Compatible with Skalp
  • Compatible with Estimator
  • Compatible with ______.  Fill in the blank and tell me what it is so I can add it to the list.
Wall Cutter in action
Wall Cutter cutting edges

Download WallCutter Beta

1. RBZ - FlexTools Extension + WallCutter Tool

2. SKP - WallCutter Tutorial

3. SKP - WallCutter-Ready *Flex components

* The components in the toolbar aren't currently being updated in case you need to continue working with the existing FlexTools.  For testing purposes, please use the WallCutter versions in the 3 - SKP folder.

Version History:

FlexTools 1.5.1 , WallCutter 0.5.1  Current Version

  • Fixed bug preventing activation on Mac OS


FlexTools 1.5.0 , WallCutter 0.5.0

  • First Beta Release


1. Install RBZ

 Window > Extension Manager > Install Extension > Choose the downloaded RBZ

2. Activate with License Key  (received by email).

3. Restart Sketchup - Just in case... 😉



1. Click on the WallCutter button to open the WallCutter options window.

WallCutter toolbar button

Buttons are available or grayed out depending if a component is selected and what kind of a component it is.  WallCutter or Non-WallCutter.

2. Follow the instructions in the enclosed Tutorial SKP file


3. Drag and Drop enclosed Flex Components into your model to test them out too.


📌  Components in the Toolbar have NOT been updated yet!

📌  WallCutter components saved to the Favorites Library may end up under the wrong ("standard") category.  We're working on a new and improved Favorites Library extension...

Eagerly waiting to hear how it goes 🙂


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