Wall Cutter - Dynamic Openings for SketchUp

Cut instant dynamic openings through multi-layered walls quickly and easily!

WallCutter Freedom Animation

Dynamic Openings

Automatically create openings in walls that adjust to your window or door’s position and scaling.

Natural Workflow

Place windows or doors anywhere on a wall.  On the edges, in the corners where walls meet, the opening adjusts accordingly.

Wall Cutter cutting edges
Multiple Wall Cutting Animation

Multi Cutting

Cut openings through multi layered walls.  Set the number of faces you want the component to cut through.

Section Fills

Full compatibility with Sketchup section fills.  The dynamic openings are made of regular editable geometry.  The wall remains a solid.

WallCutter Section Fills Animation

Material Tracking

The opening geometry inherits the wall's materials, with correct mapping.

Hierarchy Independent

Wall cutting works independently of components hierarchy structure.  Place windows and doors outside of the wall component.

Wall Cutter in action
Convert to WallCutter Animation

Create Your Own

Convert any component into a WallCutter in one click.

Custom Cutting

Mark which sub-components will affect the dynamic openings.

Copying a Component With WallCutters In It - Animation

Advanced Control

Making Copies / Exploding / Making Unique / Changing Wall Geometry - WallCutter components survive through these destructive scenarios with a few simple clicks.

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