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This is a place where you can download our recent developments before they are officially released




You will find here


Components in Alpha or Beta stages:


    A quick hack that we put together in a short time.  It is not a polished product and it may have serious bugs and unexpected behaviors.
  • BETA
    A product that is close to being released and is given out to see if there are any bugs we've missed or features that need improving.


Experimental components and tools that may never make it to an official release.

Use with care!  FlexLabs creations may not always function as expected

We highly recommend that you uninstall the betas as soon as official versions are released

FlexSlope Icon

FlexSlope FREE

  • Scale the component to correspond to a slope in your model. 
  • Read the results in the component options window in degrees and in percentage
  • Pro version available with FlexPack Pro.  Check it out.

Questions, suggestions, ideas?  Feel free to contact us.