Complete Residential Modeling Process in SketchUp

Sketchup Guru Complete Residential Modeling Process in SketchUp

Manish from Sketchup Guru shows in this video how to model a residence step by step with Sketchup. In each step he shows how to model things manually and then how to save time modeling them using extensions like Profile Builder and FlexTools.   Manish has a series of very good video courses – Check…

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New U Stairs!

New U-Shaped Stairs were recently released! Justin from Theeeee Sketchup Essentials has covered it in his video before we could even say Jack Robinson 😁

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Dynamic Labeling in Layout and More

Adding dynamic labels in layout

FlexTools has expanded its range of supported units of length, providing you with more flexibility for generating reports (schedules) and dynamically labeling flex windows and doors inside Layout.

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DC and WallCutter Bug Fixes

We have fixed some major bugs that will be helpful not only for FlexTools users, but for anyone who uses Sketchup’s Dynamic Components (DCs).

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New Flex Glass Door Collection (Download)

Glass Door Collection

Check out this new glass door collection for SketchUp!
Each of these doors was made from the same Flex Glass Door component.  As with all FlexTools components, they are totally dynamic.  You can scale them with the Scale tool and change their parameters in the Options window.

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Ready for Sketchup 2022!

FlexTools Sketchup 2022 ready

Sketchup 2022 is here! Push the new ‘Search Sketchup’ feature to a new level with the new FlexTools update! We have also added new flex features, improvements and fixes. See the highlights below.

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