New Flex Slope Component and More!

FlexSlope Component Animation

New FlexSlope Component

Easily calculate ramps, car parks, roofs, etc. with this new component that is now available with the auto updates for FlexPack Pro. (The original, simpler beta version is available for free download at the FlexLabs.)

Scale the component freely or fix the slope in degrees (°), in grade (%) or with a set ratio (1:X) to calculate how high, or how far the slope should reach.

Learn more about FlexSlope at


Window Muntin Distributions Updated

Updated Flex Components

The following window components have been updated:  Slider, Double-Hung, Casement-Double, Fixed, Casement-Single and Hopper/Awning window.

Adding and Subtracting Divisions for the Colonial Style Distribution


Traditional Chinese and Japanese Translations Updated

All the components and tools and the plugin's interface are now fully translated to Traditional Chinese and to Japanese.

Special thanks to Tom Charles our reseller from Sketchup Taiwan for the Traditional Chinese translations.

Many thanks to Takahiro Terasawa from Architect 7 for the Japanese translations.



Improved Auto Updates

We made a few modifications to the auto updates system. We hope this will improve future updates to come through smoothly for slower internet connections.

📌 Note: This change will only be noticeable in the next update.



See the full release notes.


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