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4 years agoIdea1

Would you please consider adding a Wall Tool allowing one to draw 3d walls on-the-fly with the ability to also flip the wall orientation left, right or centre as you draw a sequence of chained walls? Could start out simple with only two faces, multi face functions could be added later. When designing the important thing is keeping it simple, fast and easy to use. I believe you get that in terms of how FlexTools already works! Have tried Profile Builder and others but they are clunky and input intensive. Dibac requires you to work in plan, when the joy of SketchUp is working in perspective! Its probably the most important tool missing in SketchUp.


  1. Christopher on 06/12/2019 at 1:31 PM

    As suggested by David Paul Sorenson, being able to adjust the Z value of the base of the wall as well would be most useful for working in plan, as well as perspective.
    Here’s hoping the Wall Tool can be part of Flex Tools!!!

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