WallCutter Layer Templates

2 years agoIdea0

In wall cutter–a refinement of the software for interior elevations would be to set the last cutting plane range to change the reveal. So the first first layer of say for instance 8 layers could be the full frame range and the last could be a smaller range. Basically, you could make a template for what each subsequent layer cuts away. One layer in the middle could be larger than the rest, like wall sheathing for example and that would be 0.625″ (5/8ths) away all around (the jackstud framing extents and lintel/header wrapping 2×6). So basically setting offsets and reveals for wall penetrations.

Obviously some people will be using casing around their window or door but if you could specify in Wall Cutter the layer specifics that would be great. Moreover, I wouldn’t have to do trim for this job or I wouldn’t have to sacrifice seeing the window sill come through to the interior.

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