Different materials for inside and outside of window frame/casement

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I use FlexTools windows a lot in my design but spend quite a bit of time modifying the default frame components to allow the use of different materials on the inside and outside of the frame.
Most window manufacturer offer different finish options for their frames, for example anodised aluminium on the outside and untreated wood inside.

Would it be possible to modify the subcomponents of the frame and casement of windows and doors so that two separate materials could be applied easily to the inside and outside?

This maybe could be done by having two separate material fields in the component options, I guess?

This would save me tons of time during modelling and prior to rendering with V-Ray

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yoni on 22/09/2022 at 6:33 PM

    Thank you for the idea Thibaut,

    It should be possible to divide the components as you have in the picture you posted. Adding a second material field in a dynamic component might not always work as expected though… but we’ll look into it.

    For the time being you can edit the components how you like, dividing them and adding a second material just like in the picture you posted and then save it aside with ComponentFinder (https://flextools.cc/learn/learn-component-finder/) so you can access it quickly. Then when you want to change the material sample it with the eye dropper and change it in the material settings. You can also try using a material replacement plugin by Fredo6 that could make things faster.

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