FlexTools.cc Responsive Sketchup Modeling

Architects and 3D artists use FlexTools to create SketchUp doors, windows, stairs and other architectural elements, with exceptional levels of speed and control.

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Flex Components in Action [gif]
Scale Icon


Scale components to fit precisely.  All parameters and proportions are maintained.

Options Icon

Fully Parametric

Components are fully parametric, so making changes is fast and easy.  FlexTools fits perfectly into interactive design processes.

Parametric Animation
Total Customization Animation

Total Customization

Every element of the components can be adjusted.  Explore new design alternatives in seconds.

Save HOURS of modeling time on every project

Multiple Wall Cutting Animation

Instantly cut through multiple layered walls with dynamic openings that readjust automatically.  Any Sketchup component can be converted into a wall-cutter!

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Component Finder

Manage your locally saved components.  Find and save the components you need easily.


* Also available for free (No components included)

Favorites Animation
flextools 3D 2D elevation plan section

Instant Plans & Elevations

Ready for Layout in a few clicks.

Sections Fills Icon

Section Fills

Full compatibility with Sketchup section fills.

WallCutter Section Fills Animation

The Dynamic Components

FlexTools for SketchUp - Toolbar_DCs
FlexDoor Icon


FlexDoor Glass Icon

FlexDoor Glass

Flex Minimal Door B Icon

Minimal Doors

Pocket Door Icon

Pocket Door

Flex Bifold Icon


FlexSlider Icon


Double-Hung Icon

Double Hung

Casement Single Icon

Casement Single

Casement Double Icon

Casement Double

Hopper Awning Icon

Hopper / Awning

Flex Fixed Window Icon


FlexTrapezoid Icon


FlexWindow Arch Icon

FlexWindow Arch

FlexSlat Icon


FlexPanel Icon


FlexFence Icon


FlexStairs Icon


FlexSlope Icon


FlexRamp Icon


More in development...

WallCutter Logo Small

Designed for optimal workflow with WallCutter

Dynamic Components Icon

Powered by SketchUp's Dynamic Components Technology

The Tools

FlexTools for SketchUp - Toolbar_tools
DC options window icon - configurator tool

Component Options

Adjust dynamic component parameters.

(Native SketchUp tool)

open-close icon

Open / Close

Open or close multiple FlexDoors at once.

Interact Tool Icon


Interact with dynamic components.

(Native SketchUp tool)


Make Unique

Makes a component unique.

(Native SketchUp tool)

WallCutter Icon


Cut through multiple layered walls with dynamic openings that readjust automatically.

Make Totally Unique Icon

Make Totally Unique

Makes a component and all its subcomponents unique.

FlexRefresh Icon


Refresh the selected components.

Zapper Icon


Remove dynamic behaviors while maintaining component instances and hierarchy.

Flip Icon


Flip FlexDoor inside-out.

Cleaner Icon


Delete deeply nested hidden geometry.

Component Finder Toolbar Icon


Manage your private 3D objects and models, find and save them easily.

* Also available as a free separate extension

Component Translation Tool


The UI of each Component and Tool can be displayed in a localized language.

Current Available Languages:

English, Français, Español, Português, 中文, 简体中文, 日本語, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Русский, Italiano

* Translations are not always up to date with the latest releases - something missing? contact us


What Our Customers Say

" FlexDoor offers a truly parametric door for SketchUp that can be configured to the N-th degree! "


" This one got me feeling all warm inside like Skatter did more than two years ago... And it is an Israeli creation! "

Ronen Bekerman - Architectual vizualization artist and blogger, Israel

" FlexTools make SketchUp parametric without having it feel rigid...  and they make it a whole lot of fun! "

Eric Whitmore AIA

" I was searching for a decent Sketchup plugin for doors and windows for a while, and yours gave me what i need exactly. Simple and flexible! "

Erkut Taner - Architect, Turkey

" I spent only 6 HOURS to build it, where I used FlexWindow and FlexSlat very often!  For comparison, I usually spend more than two days to create such large models in Sketchup. "

Lican Wan - Architect, China

" Both FlexWindow and FlexSlat saved my butt today. Thanks! "

Matthew Valero - Valero Studio, USA

" I want it Yoni 🙂 pls hurry ... after been spoiled with your flex-windows, -doors and -slats this must be the ultimate tool as a follow up ... make us happy 🙂 "

Frank Ulijn - DrieDeeDesign, Netherlands

" FlexTools really are a beautiful suite of tools and soooo FLEXIBLE!!!! "

Andrew Carter - Utile Design, Australia

Woke up, saw the announcement and opened Sketchup, 2 minutes later placing windows & doors in “real” walls.  Thanks for that essential extension, really essential !

Walter Dunsmoor - Waldun Design

FlexPack Pro

FlexPack Pro

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  • All dynamic flex components and tools
  • Full support
  • Automatic updates
  • Works with Sketchup 2017-2024

    Windows and MacOS

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FlexPack Pro - Student

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  • Full support
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  • Works with Sketchup 2017-2024

    Windows and MacOS