Thumbnails in top view only! (Bug 🐞 Fixed ✅)

01/05/2020 - Update


✅ Bug Fixed

Among many new features, bells and whistles the bug is fixed in Sketchup 2020.1

We've received multiple reports that in Sketchup 2020 ComponentFinder thumbnails are being saved in top view only.  Ouch!

This happens when saving through the API and also when doing a Right Click > Save As.  We reported this bug to Sketchup and they have acknowledged it - Let's hope they release a fix for this soon 🤞.


Until they fix this, if you're a heavy ComponentFinder user like we are, and you want your thumbnails saved in a normal 3D view, we recommend to stick with Sketchup 2019 for now.

To get Sketchup to fix this soon - feel free to join the conversation in the forums.