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Getting Help Just Got Easier!

Getting Help Cover Image

A New Help Button To make the experience of getting help easier and faster we’ve added a new help button to the FlexTools toolbar.  Click on it, and it will take you to a new Resources page which will direct you to all the information you may need.   If you still can’t find what…

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FlexDoor with Unequal Panels and FlexStairs Update

Unequal FlexDoor Panels [Image]

Unequal Door Panels Following several customer requests we’re glad to introduce a new option for FlexDoor – Unequal door panels for the double door. No more messing around with side panels that were fixed in place and would not swing open (you still have the option for those if you need them).   Clicking with…

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FlexStairs Just Got Better!

What’s New 1. Click on any step to turn it into a landing. 2. Connect the stairs with the floors above and below seamlessly Extend the stringer up and down. Match the thickness of the stringer with the thickness of the floors. Extending FlexStairs to the Bottom Floor See more new animations and explanations at…

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FlexStairs Released!

FlexStairs In Action

We’re glad to finally release FlexStairs v1- The fastest stairs ever! 🚀 😃 Scale the stairs from floor to floor and they automatically adjust according to your preferences. What is your favorite way to calculate steps? Comfort Relationship AKA Blondel’s Rule: 2R+T=X ? Fixing the Total Length of the stairs ? Fixing the Tread Length…

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New Flex Slope Component and More!

FlexSlope Component Animation

New FlexSlope Component Easily calculate ramps, car parks, roofs, etc. with this new component that is now available with the auto updates for FlexPack Pro. (The original, simpler beta version is available for free download at the FlexLabs.) Scale the component freely or fix the slope in degrees (°), in grade (%) or with a…

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3 New Flex Windows!

3 Flex Windows Animation

What’s New 3 new Flex Windows: Hopper / Awning Casement Single Fixed Window How to create Combination Windows A couple of bug fixes and a small correction to one of the minimal doors. The Hopper / Awning Window With this new Flex window, you can create a simple Hopper. Change one setting and it’s an…

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Flex Casement Double Window

Casement Double 20 Styles Cover

What’s New A New Flex Casement Double Window with 20 presets. Enhancements to the Open/Close tool. Important bugs fixed for WallCutter & ComponentFinder.   A New Casement Double Window A new flex casement window has been added to the collection.  With it we’re introducing a new feature that should speed up your work even more. …

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2 new very minimal (Flex) doors

MinimalDoors Cover Image

When you get a chance to visit a manufacturer of beautiful high quality hidden doors (that happens to be run by a very nice young man named Alex), you don’t think twice, or at least we didn’t. 🙂 We visited Minimal Doors, out here in Novosibirsk, Russia, and today we are happy to share their…

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More dynamic panels for your dynamic doors

Multi Panel FlexDoor Cover Image

You can now make countless Dynamic Door variations by combining FlexDoor with a freely available dynamic component by the great DC developer pcmoor. Make Totally Unique In order for this combination to work (without the typical DC bug of components flying all over the place), we’ve developed a new tool – Make Totally Unique.  This tool does…

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