Speed Modeling in SketchUp

speed modeling with FlexTools for Sketchup

Model designed and rendered by Arch. Moshe Shemesh. Working in Sketchup has never been this easy!   Place a window, move it around, scale it, add divisions, add materials – done!  Want to make changes, no problem!   We created this video together with Moshe Shemesh to demonstrate the power of live design.  Hope you…

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Easy Fencing in SketchUp with Justin

EASY FENCING in SketchUp with FlexTools FlexFence

Check out a new video from The SketchUp Essentials about dynamic fences and railings.

A short introduction from Justin’s Newsletter:

” … I talk above about how to save time modeling in SketchUp by using copies. However, sometimes there’s an even easier option available for your modeling – let an extension do the work! …

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Ready for Sketchup 2021

Sketchup 2021 plus FlexTools

As with every new release of Sketchup, this time too, FlexTools is fully compatible to work with Sketchup 2021.
How to get FlexTools running in Sketchup 2021…

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Flex Pocket Door Released!

New Flex Pocket Door Cover Image

The new Flex Pocket Door allows to quickly create a single or double pocket door with solid or glass panels. The wall pocket structure adjusts in size automatically depending on the size of the door.

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