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Custom Thumbnails

Feel like jazzing up SketchUp thumbnails with your own?  Want to see your rendered images instead of V-ray proxies?

You can now assign your own thumbnails with custom images:

Right Click  >  Set Custom Thumbnail  >  Choose a JPG or PNG

Set Custom Thumbnail

The thumbnail image you assign will be automatically copied into the folder where the component is stored, and it will be named with the same name.

Custom Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

View in Windows - custom thumbnails are saved along side the skp files

💡 This feature was inspired by an idea suggested by Vanja - Thank you Vanja!


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Model Finder

Find, sort, open and save not only components, but your project models as well!

To save your current model into ComponentFinder Click on the new 'Save Model' button at the top of the folder tab.

Open as Model, Open as Model in New Window, Overwrite with Model

To open a component as a model:  Right Click > 'Open as Model'

To replace it with the current:  Right Click > 'Overwrite with Model'


Another way to save quickly into a folder:  Right Click in empty space > 'Save Model' (or Component).

Save Selected Component, Save Model, Create Folder

Show / Sort by Date Modified

In addition to 'Name' and 'Size', you can now view and sort by 'Date Modified'.

Show Date Modified

Enabling to view 'Date Modified'

Sort by 'Date Modified'

Recently Used

Reach your recently used components in one click!

Recently Used Components

📌 If you need to find the original folder where a recent component is stored:

Right Click > 'Open Containing Folder in a New Tab'

Open containing folder in new tab

New Italian Translation

Many thanks to Mr. Stefano Eliyhau Bernardi for contributing his time and effort to translate FlexTools to Italian!

Improvements and Fixes

There are many more improvements and fixes in this update - check them all out in the release notes.

*How to update?  See here.