Speed Modeling in SketchUp

speed modeling with FlexTools for Sketchup

Model designed and rendered by Arch. Moshe Shemesh. Working in Sketchup has never been this easy!   Place a window, move it around, scale it, add divisions, add materials – done!  Want to make changes, no problem!   We created this video together with Moshe Shemesh to demonstrate the power of live design.  Hope you…

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Which way do you mark your swings?

Door symbol direction- Right or wrong

How do you show the swinging direction for your doors and windows in elevation?

Pointing to the Right? Or Wrong? 😉

We’ve always thought of this symbol as a triangular flag…

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Thinking in 3D with SketchUp

Thinking in 3D

“I live in 3D and think in 3D and so I find the most efficient way to get that 3D image out of my head and start working with it is to create it directly in Sketchup.” – Derek Sallans, Longhouse Design

Derek’s workflow for concept design is so fast and intuitive, so very SketchUp-like, we couldn’t help but share it with you! 🙂

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Easy Fencing in SketchUp with Justin

EASY FENCING in SketchUp with FlexTools FlexFence

Check out a new video from The SketchUp Essentials about dynamic fences and railings.

A short introduction from Justin’s Newsletter:

” … I talk above about how to save time modeling in SketchUp by using copies. However, sometimes there’s an even easier option available for your modeling – let an extension do the work! …

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