Ready for Sketchup 2021

Sketchup 2021 plus FlexTools

As with every new release of Sketchup, this time too, FlexTools is fully compatible to work with Sketchup 2021.
How to get FlexTools running in Sketchup 2021…

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Flex Pocket Door Released!

New Flex Pocket Door Cover Image

The new Flex Pocket Door allows to quickly create a single or double pocket door with solid or glass panels. The wall pocket structure adjusts in size automatically depending on the size of the door.

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Photorealistic Rendering with V-Ray

Moshe Shemesh - VFS Book night render

V-Ray is considered one of the most powerful and high quality render engines for SketchUp. That said, it requires considerable amounts of time, practice and patience to master the skill and unlock all the potential. We’ve been there… We’re still there 😉

Our friend and V-Ray expert Moshe Shemesh took some time…

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New ComponentFinder Navigation Bar and Toolbars

ComponentFinder 1.0.1 Cover Image

If you’re using ComponentFinder, either as the stand alone free tool or together with FlexPack Pro, this update is for you!

What’s New:
– New navigation bar to find components faster
– Generate Custom Toolbars from your favorite components
– Create/Rename/Delete folders from within ComponentFinder

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3 Sash FlexSlider is released

Meet the 3 Sash FlexSlider.  It works just like the original 2 Sash FlexSlider.   Multi Sash FlexSlider is already in development, but for now, if you need a quick 3 sash sliding door this component will do the work.   How to update

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New Flex Bifolding Door

Bifolding Door Animation

Patio entrance, garden gateway, conservatory or integrated interior spaces… Dynamic bifolding doors will help you find the right solution faster than ever!

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