Responsive Component Attributes Editor

Responsive DC Editor Animation

Keeping attribute name length under 10-13 characters This may sound ridiculous, but for quite a while now, my entire Dynamic Components coding M.O. revolved around making sure all of my DC attribute names were under 10-13 characters long. If the names were longer, they would start wrapping to the next line.   That’s bearable when…

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The best time saving add-on I’ve ever used

FlashFolder Screenshot

FlashFolder, is by far, the best time saving Windows add-on I’ve ever installed! Every program has it’s default file opening/saving location.  It can be the last folder you visited the day before, or some odd “My Documents” folder that is full of Windows junk.  The last visited folder isn’t necessarily the folder you want to…

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FlexBlog is up!

FlexBlog Cover

Every now and then, when we’re working on something really interesting (lately it’s all interesting), and we’ve learned something new and exciting, we feel we should be sharing our experience with the world. We’ll write here about new features we’re developing for the FlexTools extension, about Sketchup tips and tricks we’ve been using for years,…

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