Dynamic Labeling in Layout and More

Adding dynamic labels in layout

New Units of Length for Schedules and Layout

FlexTools has expanded its range of supported units of length, providing you with more flexibility for generating reports (schedules) and dynamically labeling flex windows and doors inside Layout.

You can now use the following units:

  • mm
  • cm
  • dm
  • Inches
  • Feet' Inches" x Feet' Inches"
  • WWHH (ConDoc) - FeetInchesFeetInches
choosing units in sketchup

Dynamic Labeling in Layout

Get the sizes of your flex doors and windows directly in Layout with the label tool.

Layout Label Tool
Adding a dynamic label in Layout
You have the option to select between two types of dynamic attributes in your preferred units: Size and Summary.
Size and Summary attributes in your units

Dynamic Size and Summary attributes with various units of length

A Size attribute will display only the size of the window/door.

A Summary attribute will show you the size + additional metadata.

Automatic Size displayed in Layout

Size label displayed in 'WWHH (ConDoc)' units

Automatic summary displayed in Layout

Summary label displayed in 'WWHH (ConDoc)' units with metadata before and after the size

The metadata displayed as prefix and suffix to the Size can be modified through the Code and Type values in the 'Report Settings' of the dynamic component within SketchUp.

Important! If you want to show only Code or only Type, enter a space and hit 'Apply' to clear the value of the attribute you want to hide.

Layout's label tool remembers your last choice, allowing you to apply subsequent labels without the need to re-select your preferred attribute.

Adding dynamic labels in layout

Boost your ConDoc Workflow! 🚀

ConDoc + FlexTools

Since FlexTools now supports the WWHH units of length, you can now quickly label your windows and doors in Layout with the standard ConDoc notation!

Dynamic labeling with WWHH notation in Layout

Mike Brightman's ConDoc Tools extension acts as an accelerator between SketchUp and LayOut, greatly simplifying and automating the process of making 2D drawings from your 3D models.

Boost your ConDoc workflow with FlexTools!

  • Place doors, windows, stairs, fences & more... in a click.
  • Cut instant dynamic openings through multi-layered walls.
  • Show and hide 2D plan and elevation representations with tags.
  • Label your doors and windows in the standard WWHH units.

New 2D Elevation Tag

New 'FlexTools 2D - Elevation' tag was added to all doors and windows for more flexibility in presentation.

3D view with door arcs
2D elevation tag off

3D view showing door arcs with 'FlexTools - 2D Plan' tag on and 'FlexTools 2D Elevation' tag off

Elevation tag visible
2D elevation tag on

Example elevation view with 'FlexTools - 2D elevation' tag on

Compatibility with CleanUp³

All 2D symbols have been updated so they will NOT get accidentally deleted when running the default settings of Thomthom's CleanUp³ extension.


(Special thanks to our good friend and reseller Rune Lyngby from Epix for requesting this compatibility fix).

Updated Slats Component

The Flex Slats (Louvers) component has been brought up to level:

  • Added a sill
  • Added 2D plan representation on separate tag.
  • Updated DC options menu to match rest of doors and windows
  • Added options to hide frame parts with the Interact Tool for easy combination with other components
Updated FlexSlat component

Slats component with added sill and options to combine it with other components

Fixed Component Finder Thumbnails for Sketchup 2023

We've added correct handling of thumbnail generation in Component Finder specifically for Sketchup 2023.

In Sketchup 2022 there was a bug where thumbnails would not update after you saved a component for the second time.


(Many thanks to Thomthom and the Sketchup Extensibility Team for listening and introducing new API methods so we could get things working again in Sketchup 2023).

Important WallCutter Fix and More

For all the latest changes see the release notes.

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