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Flex Casement Double Window

Casement Double 20 Styles Cover

What’s New A New Flex Casement Double Window with 20 presets. Enhancements to the Open/Close tool. Important bugs fixed for WallCutter & ComponentFinder.   A New Casement Double Window A new flex casement window has been added to the collection.  With it we’re introducing a new feature that should speed up your work even more. …

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2 new very minimal (Flex) doors

MinimalDoors Cover Image

When you get a chance to visit a manufacturer of beautiful high quality hidden doors (that happens to be run by a very nice young man named Alex), you don’t think twice, or at least we didn’t. 🙂 We visited Minimal Doors, out here in Novosibirsk, Russia, and today we are happy to share their…

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More dynamic panels for your dynamic doors

Multi Panel FlexDoor Cover Image

You can now make countless Dynamic Door variations by combining FlexDoor with a freely available dynamic component by the great DC developer pcmoor. Make Totally Unique In order for this combination to work (without the typical DC bug of components flying all over the place), we’ve developed a new tool – Make Totally Unique.  This tool does…

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View your In-Model components with ComponentFinder

Viewing In-Model Components

Finding components just got even easier! To kick-start 2019 we are releasing an important update to Component Finder so you can find not only components on your hard drive, but also inside your models.  Yes, similar to the In-Model view in Sketchup’s component browser, but with the powerful features you are used to:  quick search,…

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ComponentFinder Improvements and More

Component Finder UI

Glad to announce some exciting and significant improvements and bug fixes for ComponentFinder, for WallCutter and for the Core Extension.  These improvements are based on customer feedback.  Keep it coming! This update is relevant to FlexPack Pro, FlexPack 2017 and to ComponentFinder customers. Important! This update will only work with Sketchup 2017 and up. Below…

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How to make a 4-Panel Door with 2 FlexSliders

FlexSlider 4-Panel Door

One of the features in the new FlexSlider Window/Door is that you can hide parts of the frame in order to make various configurations. In this example we show how to make a 4-panel door combining two FlexSliders. This can serve as a temporary solution for those who need a 4-panel door component Right Now! …

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Sketchup Scale Tool Tip

Scale tool tip video - sketchup essentials

Did you know you can type an exact size when using the scale tool? I was always sure typing in a multiplication or fraction were the only way to go, but apparently there’s more. After selecting the direction you want to scale in, you can type in a distance with units notation, for example: ‘100…

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New FlexSlider Component

Flex Slider Window Door

Meet The New FlexSlider Window/Door!   Open/Close each sash by clicking on it with the interact tool. Show/Hide the sides/top/bottom of the frame by clicking on them to create combinations of window arrangements. Customize the Sashes There are more options inside each of the sashes – go into the sash component by double clicking twice…

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