How to Combine Flex Components

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Learn how to combine flex components to create new types of windows (and doors) and save them for later use.

In the example above you'll see how to make a Fixed+Awning flex window combination.

Step by step from the video


  1. Turn on the Place Upright toggle. - This way new components that you place in the model come in upright, unglued, and non-wall cutting.
  2. Pull in a few flex components and place them side by side.
  3. Hide parts of the frame with a click with the interact tool (or zero out their dimensions in the component options window).
  4. Hide edges.
  5. Make a new wrapping component making sure to set the axes of the component so the blue axis (Z) points out. - This is necessary for the proper functioning of the WallCutter tool.
  6. Convert the component into a WallCutter.
  7. Save it for later use with ComponentFinder (not in video).

Feel free to play around with different flex components.

Share your favorite combinations in the FlexTools thread on the SketchUp Forums.