Instant Sketchup Ramps with FlexRamp

FlexRamp Dimensions

Introducing FlexRamp

Create sloped walkways & parking lot ramps in seconds:

  1. Scale from floor to floor.
  2. Adjust the thickness.
  3. Add extensions up and down with a couple of clicks.


FlexRamp Icon


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FlexRamp has the same 6 control parameters like in FlexSlope:

  • Length
  • Height
  • Width
  • Degrees (°)
  • Grade (%)
  • Ratio (1:X)

Each of these parameters has a field with its Current values and a Fixed field in case you want to fix a certain value.  For example, if you fix the slope at a ratio of 1:12, no matter how the component is scaled, the ratio will be maintained at 1:12.

FlexRamp Component Options Window

In order to set the ramp's thickness you have two options:  Either enter it directly or specify the thickness of the floors that the ramp is going to meet, then the ramp's thickness will be automatically calculated so it matches the floors exactly.

Depending on how you set the thickness of the ramp, in some situations you will want to add Extentions so it connects nicely to the floors above and below.

Setting the ramp thickness so it meets nicely with the floors and then extending it to meet the floor below.

👉 Learn more about FlexRamp at the Learning center.


You may be able to use two connected FlexRamp components to create a sloped roof or a rafter.  Though it has not been designed for this it just might work for some situations.

FlexRamps as a roof
FlexRamps as a roof

If you think this would be a useful feature, please join the conversation in the forums.  Let us know how you would imagine it would work, and what kind of different eaves you would expect to see - We'll do our best to adapt the component for better use cases.


By the way, a dynamic roof component seems to be the most voted on idea in the Ideas for FlexTools section.  Please add your ideas, and vote on others' that are important to you!

Special Thanks

We'd like to thank Daniel Chen from Koan Design and Lain Satrustegui from IMO who we've had the honor to meet in Taipei in the spring.  Among many other things, they gave us the inspiration to create FlexRamp - It was a pleasure to meet you guys and hope you find this component useful.


Wherever we happen to be, we really enjoy meeting professionals from the industry in person to exchange ideas and share insights.


And this brings us to our next destination . . .

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We will be participating in the 3D Basecamp Benelux that will be held by Design8 on December 12-13 in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

There will be many interesting speakers and cool workshops - you better sign up!


Come on over to our stand for a hands-on experience with FlexTools, it will be fun! 🙂