Ready for SketchUp 2020!

Sketchup 2020 plus FlexTools

As with every new release of Sketchup, this year too, FlexTools is fully compatible to work with Sketchup 2020.  Not only does it work, it works faster!

It looks like the Sketchup team have been busy doing some work 'under the hood', making Sketchup run noticeably smoother and faster in large models with many components.  This means faster Dynamic Components = faster Flex Components!

How to get FlexTools running in Sketchup 2020

1. Download the latest FlexPack Pro RBZ installation file from

Install as usual:  Window > Extensions Manager > Install Extension.

If FlexTools was already installed on the same computer (on a previous version of Sketchup), you're all set!  No need to activate again.

📌 The same applies for ComponentFinder.

Important!  A bug was discovered in Sketchup 2020 that causes all ComponentFinder thumbnails to save from a top view only.  More on this here >

(01.05.2020 - Bug Fixed! in Sketchup 2020.1)