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FlexSlope Component Animation - HighRez

Easily calculate ramps, car parks, roofs etc.


Scale the component freely or fix it's slope in Degrees (°), in Grade (%) or with a set Ratio (1:X) and calculate the slope or how high, or how far it should reach.

FlexSlope Component Options
FlexSlope Component Options

As you scale the component in the X Z or Y directions you will see in the Component Options window how the 'Current' degrees, grade and ratio change.

Under each of the options there is a 'Fixed' option.  By default all the 'Fixed' settings are set to 0 and the component can be freely scaled in all directions.

Enter a number in one of the 'Fixed' options and that option will be Fixed.  The component will calculate it's shape and slope accordingly.


📌 Note: If multiple 'Fixed' options are set, only one of them will work!

Fixed Ratio is stronger than Fixed Grade is stronger than Fixed Degrees is stronger than Fixed Height.


Example:  If the Fixed Grade is set to 10% and Fixed Height is set to 150, the Fixed Grade will be used and the Fixed Height will be ignored - The height of the component will be determined according to the length of the component and the 10% Fixed Grade.



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