FlexWindow Arch Released!

FlexWindow Arch

There is something romantic about arched windows... till it's time to model them!😎

The new FlexWindow Arch component makes the whole process easier and faster - Scale the component, or specify it's width and height, and the arch is automatically calculated.

In addition to the usual settings for specifying frame dimensions and adding glass divisions, you can control the number of segments the arch is made of.

Change Arch Number of Segments

With 2 segments you'll get a very pointy window.  More segments will make the arch increasingly smoother, but watch out!  Too many segments will make the dynamic component heavier and the overall performance slower. On an average workstation this isn't too noticeable but on 'aged' computers you will feel the slow down.

FlexWindow Arch Sub-Components

The anatomy of FlexWindow Arch

Consider using the Cleaner and Zapper tools when you're done configuring your window - this will help with Sketchup's performance.