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Zapper turns dynamic components into regular components that you can then move and edit like any other Sketchup component.

Key Features

  • Replaces the need to explode and regroup geometry when wanting to fine-tune a dynamic component beyond it's designed behavior.
  • Maintains components hierarchy and instances - If you zap similar components they are still the same component afterwards.
  • Can be applied to a large selection of mixed entities.  Only dynamic components are zapped.
  • Maintains dynamic component's name and summary attributes.
  • Can reduce file size of a component by up to 50%

📌 This is a destructive action!  Zapper erases components' dynamic attributes.

 Zapping a dynamic component

Zapping turns the dynamic component and all the sub-components into regular components.

Zapping sub-components only

Zap only chosen sub-components and make manual alterations without worrying that parts will start flying around, or back into place.

Zapping erases dynamic attributes

Zapper erases all dynamic attributes of the component and it's sub-components leaving the the name and summary fields as they were.