Ready for Sketchup 2022!

FlexTools Sketchup 2022 ready

Sketchup 2022 is here!  Push the new 'Search Sketchup' feature to a new level with the new FlexTools update!  We have also added new flex features, improvements and fixes.  See the highlights below.

'Search Sketchup' for Components

Sketchup 2022 brings a new and exciting search feature that allows you to look up and activate commands by typing.

Hit SHIFT+S and the search bar comes up.


This is really cool because you can now type 'window' or 'door' and all the relevant flex components will show up ready for placement.

You can also use search to quickly find any component from your Component Finder generated toolbars!

Sketchup 2022 search flextools windows

Hide the Component Finder Banner

Following customer requests, from now on Pro customers can hide the ComponentFinder banner, saving that precious screen real estate.

component finder on toolbar
How to hide Component Finder banner

Note that the banner may pop up every now and then to highlight special updates and promotions.

Open and Close 2D and 3D Separately

For all doors and window you can now open and close the 2D plan representations separately from the 3D, having more flexibility in presenting your projects.

Interact with 2D and 3D separately

Click on Arcs to Change Open Positions

Clicking on door and casement window arcs will loop through 30°,45°,90°,135°,180° changing the open position for both 2D and 3D.

Note that in double doors the panels open separately.  Each to its own position.

click on arcs to toggle swing angles

Improvements and Fixes

The ramp and slope flex components have been updated as well.

See all the improvements and bug fixes in the release notes.

FlexTools Translations

Updated translations to French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.


Many thanks to our great translators:

Pilou - French.
Stefano Eliyhau Bernardi - Italian.
Charles Tom from Geographic Information LTD 幾何資訊 - Traditional Chinese.
Shaun 肖万涛 from SUBlog - Simplified Chinese.
Takahiro Terasawa from architect-7 - Japanese.

How to get FlexTools running in Sketchup 2022


1. Download the latest FlexPack Pro RBZ installation file.

In SketchUp go to: Extensions > Extension Manager > Install Extension > Choose the FlexPack Pro.rbz


If FlexTools was already installed on the same computer on a previous version of Sketchup, no need to activate again.

* How to update?  See here.