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The Dynamic Components

Working with Dynamic Components

Basic steps that are common to all Dynamic Components



Important Attributes

Inset Distance - Each Flex component has an Inset setting that you can define.  You can choose for example that the component will be placed flush with the surface of the wall (Inset=0) of Inward (Inset = 7) or Outward (Inset = -3).


Wall Thickness - In order to get correct calculations of the Sill elements in the relevant components, it is important to set the Wall - Thickness setting, so it matches the thickness of the wall that the component is being placed on.


Frame - Depth - Depending on the situation, you would probably then want to change the Frame - Depth of the component as well.


📌 Once you're happy with the changes you've made to a component, you can immediately save it aside into ComponentFinder for later use.