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Getting Started


Learn the basics of FlexTools in a few simple steps!

1. Place a Flex component anywhere on a wall component or group.  It automatically glues to the wall and cuts an opening.

Move and scale the component to fit exactly where you need it using Sketchup's native Move and Scale tools.

Placing and scaling a WallCutter Flex component - Animation
sketchup scale tool

📌 Important - The wall faces must have their normals facing out (blue in, white out).  Reverse the faces if needed with: Right Click > Reverse Faces.

2. Adjust dimensions, glass divisions, visibility of the various component elements through the Component Options window.

dynamic component options button

3. To shift a window in and out in relation to the wall it is placed on, open the Component Options window and change the Inset setting.

FlexTools Inset Setting

4. If you need to cut through multiple layered walls, change the Cutting Depth in the WallCutter options window.

wallcutter button
Multiple Wall Cutting Animation

5. Copy the component around the model.  Scale and edit each copy as desired.

In this example the components are scaled into existing openings (Cutting Depth set to 0)

6. Save the component with ComponentFinder.  You can then quickly pull it back in when you need it again.

📌 Materials applied to sub-components & Cutting Depth will be saved with the component.

Pulling in a component and saving it back with changes

7. You can manually edit the geometry that is inside each of the sub-components - just make sure that the boundaries of those sub-components stay unchanged!
8. Create instant plans & elevations by turning the FlexTools 2D and 3D tags (layers) on and off.
flextools 2D 3D tags
flextools 3D 2D elevation plan section

9. Use the tools from the Toolbar for fine tuning and extra control:

  • Flip Tools to flip the direction of doors, windows and any component.
  • Open/Close to open and close all the door in the model,
  • Zapper to disable the dynamic properties of a component for manual fine tunings,
  • Cleaner to make it cleaner and leaner,
  • . . .

Workflow with existing wall openings

Flex components automatically cut openings through double faced walls by default.  If you do not want a component to cut an opening, convert it into a regular non-cutting unglued component in the WallCutter options window.

wallcutter button
Responsive Animation
WallCutter Control Panel Image

📌 Learn about all the WallCutter options here.