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Plans and Elevations

Thinking and designing in 3D are core principles of working with FlexTools in Sketchup. Exporting technical documentation from the 3D model to 2D plans and elevations is no less important!

doors and windows in plan and elevation

All flex doors and windows can be shown both open in plan and closed in elevation by simply turning on and off a few tags.  You can also make quick changes in 2D plan and elevation views.

flextools 3D 2D elevation plan section

Alternating between 3D, 2D Elevation and 2D plan scenes - Changes can be made in any view

Notice that the 3D components and 2D plan representations open and close independently, giving you more flexibility in presenting plans.

Interact with 2D and 3D separately

FlexTools Tags (Layers)

For the different types of views (3D, plan, elevation) there are 4 tags to choose from.

flextools 2D 3D tags

Turning tags on/off - Each tag combination is good for different views

  • FlexTools - 2D Plan
    All 2D geometry for a plan view.  Includes the arcs from 'FlexTools - 2D Symbols' tag.
  • FlexTools - 2D Symbols
    Arcs, swing directions and arrows.
  • FlexTools - 3D
    All 3D geometry for perspectives and elevations.  Includes all 'FlexTools - 3D Hardware' tag.
  • FlexTools - 3D Hardware
    Handles, locks and hinges.

Door Swing Directions

Panel swing symbols can be changed to the opposite direction.

The world is full of surprises. As it turns out, in some countries the symbols are backwards. 🙃

To achieve clearer looking plans and elevations check out our tips for best visual results.