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Flex Bifold (Bifolding Door)

Bifolding Door Animation

Like other flex components, Flex Bifold doors maintain their correct proportions when scaled and can be easily modified into different configurations in just a few clicks.


1. Scale the Flex Bifold door to the desired size or input the exact dimensions.

2. Choose the number of sashs you want on each side (# Left, # Right)

            📌 If you type in just one number, you'll get all the panels on the left side.

Bifolding door variation examples
Bifolding door variation examples (# Left, # Right)

3. Pick the folding direction (Outward / Inward), and change the folding angle when the doors are open.

bifolding door flip

4. You can always add details (similar to other flex doors)

      • profile dimensions
      • glass divisions
      • materials
      • . . .


5. Then save the component for later immediate use with ComponentFinder.