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Flex Slider Window Door

Open and Close the Panels

Click on each panel with the Interact tool to open or close it, or use the Open/Close tool

Define the exact % for how much you want it to open with the 'Open - Position' setting.

Hide parts of the frame

Show or hide the sides/top/bottom of the frame by clicking on them to create different window and door arrangements, including 4/5/6... sash sliders.

FlexSlider 4-Panel Door
Combining two FlexSliders into one 4-Panel FlexSlider

Customize the Sashs

FlexSlider Sash Settings - Click to enlarge

1.  Go into the 'Sash' sub-component by double clicking twice into the window and selecting it.


2.  Choose a type of muntin distribution:

    • Equal Divisions
    • Prairie Style
    • Colonial Style (Top)
    • Colonial Style (Bottom)
    • From bottom + Equal spacing


3.  Set the rest of the settings according to the chosen distribution.

📌 Note that you can quickly add/reduce the number of equal divisions by clicking on the sides, top and bottom of the sash (as long as you're in it).

How to Add Bevels

FlexSlider Bevel
FlexSlider with manually edited bevels
FlexWindow with Bevels

After setting the dimensions of the frame, the sash frames and the muntins - you can manually add bevels to them.  As long as you don't intend to make changes to the profile dimensions, the bevels will maintain their proportions after scaling the component.

For quick beveling try Fredo's Round Corner plugin.