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Getting Started


1. Choose the type of component you want to pull in - The choice is between a standard and a cutter component.

Cutter Toggle Button

2. Pull in the component and scale it with Sketchup's scale tool so it fits into the desired opening.

Responsive Animation

3. Adjust the dimensions of the different component elements through the Component Options Window.

FlexTools component options

4. You can spread copies of the component around the model and re-scale and edit each copy (Step 3) as desired.

5. You can save the component into the Favorites Library (star icons) and quickly pull it in when you need it again.  Materials that are applied to the sub-components will also be saved.

6. For extra control, you can use the various tools.  For example, in some cases you would want to disable the dynamic properties of a component.  You could then  zap and clean it... etc.

7. You can also manually edit the geometry that is inside each of the sub-components - just make sure that the boundaries of the sub-components aren't changed.
8. To get the components to look correctly in plans and in sections, use the PlanView tool.
Planview Animation