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Standard / Cutters is relevant to FlexPack 2017 only.

In FlexPack Pro this functionality is now replaced with WallCutter and the Place Upright tool.

Cutter toggle in action
For each FlexTools component there are actually two separate components:
Standard & Single-Face-Cutting - Each type is optimized for different workflows.
Cutter Toggle Button

Pressing on the 'Cutter-Toggle' button, changes the behavior of the component buttons, and toggles between pulling in a single-face-cutting component and a standard one.


Which type of component should you use?

1. Standard Components

The standard components (usually) don't stick to any surfaces, and are best used with walls that already have holes cut into them.  They are good for most modeling situations.

2. Single-Face-Cutting Components

The single-face-cutting components glue to faces, and automatically cut a hole when they are placed directly on a face.  These components have extra settings for controlling Wall Thickness, and for setting the Inset Distance.  The inset distance determines how far/deep the component is placed in relation to the face it is placed on.

Cutting components are good for two workflows:

A. Mass modeling of exterior scenes, where single faced walls are used.

B. Cutting through double-faced walls if combined together with the third party Double-Cut plugin by Mind Sight Studios. 

3. Double-Face-Cutting?  Multi-Face-Cutting?

You got it!  It comes with FlexPack Pro!  Checkout WallCutter.